Colored Pencil Crisis!!

Just  kidding! But, in the wake of the rising popularity of adult coloring books, there has been a surge in color pencil production. Faber-Castell, maker of high-end colored pencil, cites needing to add extra shifts to keep up with demand. Read the whole story here!

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Looking at letters.

Although our experienced design staff is more than happy to chose typefaces that will be a great fit for your project, it’s always nice for authors to take a peek at some tried and true fonts. Let your book designer know if one of these catches your fancy!

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Semi-colons are (more than) semi-difficult to use.

Punctuation can be a bit tricky; fortunately, the Grammar Girl is here to help. Find tips on the correct ways to use the often hard to grapple semi-colon, and get your manuscript into ship-shape, here!

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Friday Quote: Albert Einstein

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” Albert Einstein

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Can’t I just use the PDF??

Looking to turn your book into an eBook and wondering how a PDF is different than an ePub file? Find out here.   We couldn’t have explained it better ourselves, so we won’t try!

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Friday Quote: Socrates

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” Socrates

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Predictions for Self-Publishing in 2016

Some industry movers and shakers share their thoughts on what’s in store for Self-Publishing in 2016. From a nod to the significance of getting your book designed by professionals (that’s where we come in!) to new distribution tools for indie-authors, the overall emphasis is on the importance of marketing in the social media realm. In […]

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Friday Quote: William Faulkner

“Don’t be a writer—be writing.” William Faulkner

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Friday Quote: Dina Santorelli

“Bad writing is better than no writing.” Dina Santorelli

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Best Seller: February

Congratulations to our February Best Seller, Paul O’Brien. Voice from Room Six has only been on the market a week and has already had dazzling results!

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