Below is a selection of files that can be downloaded and used as templates when laying out your own book.

If you are going to format your own book, we have templates available for word processing programs, but you will not get the same polished results that can be achieved through using a professional layout program.

At The Troy Book Makers we layout books using Adobe Creative Suite – image editing with Photoshop, vector drawing with Illustrator, and creating the final page layout with InDesign. If you’re not prepared to invest in this kind of software, you can try to take the Open Source route with Gimp or Pixlr for image editing, InkScape for vector drawing and Scribus for layouts. After downloading these other software programs you still have to learn to use them, and unfortunately The Troy Book Makers cannot provide technical guidance on software use.

Interior templates:

Word (.doc files)

InDesign (.indd files)

Copyright page text:

Cover guidelines:

These PDFs are guidelines, you will need to know your final page count so a spine width can be calculated.

PDF Export Options:

These job options are to be imported as a PDF preset into adobe InDesign. Go to File >> Adobe PDF Presets… >> Define… >> and then load the preset (after downloading and un-zipping the file).