eBook Conversion

The Troy Book Makers is now offering ebook conversion services! We can do this for any project for which we have formatted the interior and the book is completely approved for print.

Only want eBook services and no printed books? We are now offering eBook design to everyone.


Because of the variety of devices that are currently available, there are several different marketplaces where your eBook can be listed for sale. Each of these eBook retailers has different requirements, and each device will display the text slightly differently. eBook conversions strip out almost all of the custom formatting and typeface choices that were made for the print edition. However, eBooks let the reader customize the reading experience, allowing the reader to choose the type size and sometimes the typeface, so the text that is supplied in an eBook is really just your content, without any frills.

The major advantage to eBooks is that you as the author do not have to tie up money in printed book inventory. The per sale ‘royalties’ can end up being similar to that of printed books, even though eBooks have a lower retail price.

Just as you have to tell people that your book is available for purchase in brick-and-mortar bookstores, you have to let potential customers know your book is available as an e-book. Just because you did the conversion doesn’t mean hundreds of people will automatically know where to look for your book – you still have to get the word out.


Digital Edition ISBN As with any other edition of your book, a new ISBN is required. A single ISBN can be used for all the digital editions of your title, no matter where they are being sold. (At this time Amazon does not require an ISBN for eBooks)

eReader Friendly Book Cover and Interior Just as your printed book required some special set-up, so too will your eBook. Adjustments to the interior and cover to prepare the files for conversion is a vital step.

While the covers used for many books’ print editions can be used for the eBook with only minor adjustments, there are a few exceptions. If you negotiated use of artwork or purchased a stock photo, extra permissions may be needed. Some additional adjustments may also be needed before conversion to make the it read better at a thumbnail size, and to adjust the aspect ratio of the cover.

eBook Conversion Converting to an ePUB file will allow you to sell your eBook on nearly every platform, including Kindle, Nook, and Kobo. From there you can either upload your file directly to the intended platform (Amazon’s KDP for Kindle, B&N for Nook, etc.) or work with a company that will distribute the eBook across different platforms and consolidate your sales.


We suggest selling your eBook for $6.99 or less. Many eBook authors find the greatest success in the $2.99 to $4.99 range, since there are so many eBooks available just a click away, but you need to find a balance between a good price for readers and properly valuing your content. eBook prices above $9.99 may be subject to a different, smaller percentage, royalty payout. Keep in mind that you do not need to manage inventory or pay for printing when readers are purchasing an eBook instead of a printed copy of your book.


New marketplaces may become available, and some companies will give the option of making your book available in the new venues as they emerge. When your eBook is sold you will receive a percentage of the retail price of your book, depending on where your eBook is purchased from.

TBM Kindle Assistance

We now offer assistance making your eBook available for sale on Amazon, ask your author liaison for more details.