The Troy Book Makers Office Has Moved!


The Troy Book Makers, your favorite people to let your inner book out with!


Yes, we know, it is crazy to think that after nearly two decades in Troy we are moving away. We will miss the walkable downtown, wonderful restaurants, and other amenities of city life. 


We are moving and settling in from June 24 through July 12 and will be closed to the public during that time.


We are now located at 521 US 9 in Schodack Landing, less than a mile from I-90’s exit 12. We have ample parking and are handicap accessible.


The long story short is we have been looking to move into our own space for a while now, and when our landlord decided to convert our building to apartments it gave us a deadline and a mission: find a (hopefully) forever home for TBM.

As to why leave Troy? One of the biggest complaints we have received consistently for the last 18 years has been about the difficulty of parking and navigating in downtown Troy. Our new space has a spacious parking lot, and is located about a mile from I-90. It is also a large space, which means we have room to grow (and shelve more books)!


Well, first we drank a huge quantity of coffee! Then, we had to pack a lot of books (and I mean a lot [and by a lot I mean over 5000]), paper, and other sundry items that keep our small business chugging along. Next, we unpack them in their new home! Finally, we feel we have definitely have earned some pizza.


We have no plans to change our business name.

Our phone number, email addresses, website, and social media accounts will not change.

While we hope you will be excited to check out our new space we do ask that you make an appointment to ensure someone is available when you want to stop by. We also intend to have an open house at some point.