A place to publish your book, in limited quantities

by Eric Anderson, Deputy business editor


The Book House of Stuyvesant Plaza has formed a partnership with The Bookloft in Great Barrington, Mass., to launch a digital print-on-demand service for authors who’d like to see their works in print.

The endeavour is called “The Troy Book Makers,” and it’s located in downtown Troy, next to Market Block Books in the John Scanlon Block at Third and River streets. Market Block, of course, is the Troy branch of The Book House. Both independent bookstores are owned by Susan Novotny.

The business prints your book in quantities as few as 10 copies, with costs starting at about $200. Additional copies are less expensive and can be reordered in a matter of days.

Troy Book Makers has actually been open for about two years.

“We had a soft opening,” an employee said this morning. It wasn’t until today that press releases on the opening finally made it to the media.

Troy Book Makers also offers editing and design services, and will even stock the book in The Book House and The Bookloft, although there was no mention of whether Market Block Books would carry it.

“When it comes to books, we do it all,” said Novotny. “We read them, write them, print them, publish them, promote them and sell them. And we do it quicker, easier and less expensive than the big houses.”

Troy Book Makers can be reached at 689-1083.


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