Sincerity and Good Will in Self-Publishing

Today there were two different authors who came to pick up their book projects, and each was genuinely grateful, even overwhelmed, their projects were finally done. To say thank you, one author brought a signed copy of his first self-published book of poems about his family and his wife. The other author brought in a dozen yellow roses.

It’s not uncommon for self-published authors, who have labored alone, or for many years, or who have written about a very painful event, to be relieved (and overjoyed!) to create a book with us in a low key, confidential manner. Many start out a little uncomfortable they don’t know how to make a book, but through the process, really begin to look forward to the finished product.

It’s wonderful to see an emotional, personal, or years-long project come to fruition. And it’s very satisfying to be part of it!