Thinking about Converting Your Printed Book to an E-Book?

Troy Book Makers has recently begun to offer e-book conversion services to authors who have printed with us. At this time, we are offering to prepare e-book files for three marketplaces, PubIt!, Google, and Amazon. Here’s a brief overview of each. I’ve included links so you can click and explore further, which I highly recommend!

PubIt!: is Barnes & Noble’s platform, and this is how they describe the service:

an online, self-service Web portal where independent publishers and authors can upload their eBooks and make them available for sale through the Barnes & Noble eBookstore. This easy-to-use distribution platform offers qualified users the expanded distribution, visibility, and protection that only Barnes & Noble can offer. eBooks, essays, articles, poems, and short stories sold through the Barnes & Noble eBookstore are available for sale on, NOOK eBook Readers, and our free NOOK eReading software for iPad, iPhone/iPod touch, Android, PC, etc.

The page goes on to detail such things as pricing policies, how royalties are calculated, and how to remove the book from sale. It’s thorough and easy to understand.

Google eBooks: Click the link to watch a brief video that explains their service, platform, and philosophy toward electronic reading. For specifics, read the info on the page below the video. One of the features of Google e-books is the ability of an individual to choose where to purchase e-books. One can buy directly from Google, or, if it’s important to support a local bookstore, one may choose to purchase e-books there, too. Have a look at the IndieBound site, which lists participating independent bookstores. Now, people who love books can rely on the service and recommendations of a favorite bookstore with the added flexibility of purchasing an e-book, too. Nice option!

Amazon, of course, offers e-books through its proprietary device, Kindle. For everything you would ever want to know about a Kindle (and then some), click this link to Wikipedia.

Troy Book Makers monitors the ebooks marketplace regularly, and will evaluate our offerings a few times a year. We may add or remove marketplaces as we see opportunities increase or diminish for our authors.

If you’re interested in converting, contact us for a custom quote!