Blogs are a less costly way to advertise for your new book. A top book blog attracts a lot of viewers; therefore it’s great for getting the attention of new consumers. Lisa Parkins, a social media consultant and YA book blogger, suggests, instead of posting ads on Google or Facebook, reaching out to top book bloggers in your niche and ask them if they advertise. Many top bloggers have ad space they’re trying to fill.

Having your own blog can also be a useful tool for networking. Try following your favorite authors’ blog and see if they’ll follow you back. You can also do this with top book bloggers. Following them from your own author blog is a great way to try to connect and contact them for possible advertising opportunities.

You can also use your own blog to build anticipation for a book release, or reach a wider crowd to invite to an upcoming event, such as a book signing. Making sure to keep the content on your blog fresh is the best way to keep readers interested. Post peeks at your next work, reflections on writing, or a review of something you’ve read recently.

By being active in the blogosphere you can increase your readership, and make lasting connections with other writers.